Bangalore to Burma (Myanmar/Burma)

According to The New Light of Myanmar (see article below), Myanmar Chief Justice Tun Tun Oo gave a speech before a group of judges and called on them to resist corruption. Notably, the chief justice endorsed the Bangalore Draft Code of Judicial Conduct, a set of judicial best practices adopted by the United Nations in 2002. 
This isn’t the first time Supreme Court justices have talked about the Bangalore Principles. However, in the context of the draft contempt of court bill the Supreme Court recently submitted to the Hluttaw, the chief justice’s speech is interesting and potentially well timed. It could allow the court to say that it will do its part in cleaning up its own house, and in return it will ask citizens to honor its integrity. However, Myanmar has not yet adopted the Bangalore Principles formally, which the court might do in a code of judicial ethics.

Chief Justice of the Union calls for adherence to Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct

Nay Pyi Taw, 7 Feb- Chief Justice of the Union U Tun Tun Oo called for making rational decision based on virtue, probity and expertise in jurisdiction at the fourth coordination meeting of the Supreme Court of the Union with region/state high courts and district courts at the meeting hall of the Supreme Court here yesterday morning. He called for logical consistency in making judgement of a case, urging them to cultivate moral courage to resist outside influences.

He demanded emergence of reliable jurisdiction in line with principles embodied in Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct.

Present at the meeting were judges of the supremecourt, chief judges of region/state high courts, region/state judicial officers and district court judges.

The meeting concludes tomorrow.-MNA

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