Freedom of the press? (Myanmar/Burma)

A few days ago, I wrote about the Hluttaw’s amendments to the Constitutional Tribunal Law. Of course, many in Myanmar shared their own thoughts, including a blogger known only as Dr Seik Phwa. Dr. Seik Phwa has issued some very caustic comments about the Hluttaw, including his own proposed amendment to the constitution: “No matter what the constitution says, a decision approved by parliamentary speakers and their colleagues should be adopted.”
While the government has definitely relaxed censorship over the past year, Dr Seik Phwa has been subject to criticism within the Hluttaw. According to DVB, Dr. Soe Yin has even called for a formal investigation into his remarks. 

I guess I should be more careful in what I write on Rule by Hukum!

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  1. Dom, take good care! 🙂 I'm just concerned you would be named in a motion of the parliament. But it would rather be a prestige that your name is called out by the “Union level” parliament. Let me share your post links on my fb!