Light on drugs (Indonesia)

Yet another horror story from Indonesia’s judicial system! Justice Ahmad Yamani was fired from the Supreme Court after it was revealed that he conspired with the court registrar to reduce the sentence of a convicted drug trafficker from 15 ears imprisonment to 12.

The Judicial Commission (KY) is now investigating the other two justices who sat on the panel with Yamani, Justices Imron Anwari and Nyak Pha. According to The Jakarta Post, Yamani testified that the reduction in sentence occurred at the instruction of Justice Imron.

While money laundering expert Yenti Ganarsih hopes that the Corruption Eradication Commission can investigate the case in order to uncover the “judicial mafia” that plagues Indonesia’s court system. However, the same The Jakarta Post article also mentions concerns for worry about the political leadership’s commitment to combatting narcotics trafficking. President Yudhoyono has granted clemencies for several drug convicts, suggesting a larger trend.

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