According to The New Light of Myanmar (see below), the Hluttaw has discussed and (according to some reports) passed amendments to the Constitutional Tribunal Law. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have a copy of the amended law.

Bill amending the Constitutional Tribunal Law discussed

Nay Pyi Taw, 15 Nov- 

U Tin Yu of Yangon Region Constituency No.11 seconded and discussed the proposal urging Amyotha Hluttaw to discuss the bill amending the Constitutional Tribunal Law submitted by U Mya Nyein of Yangon Region Constituency No.7, and Hluttaw approved to discuss it. Members of Amyotha Hluttaw Bill Committee U Soe Myint submitted the Committee’s report on the b i l l ame n d ing th e Constitutional Tribunal Law. Two representatives held discussion on it.

On behalf of the Union Government, Deputy Attorney-General U Tun Tun Oo explained the bill. Whether the bill should remain unchanged as approved the Bill Committee was put to vote and the majority voted in favour of approved bill of the bill committee.

Next, U Mya Nyein of Yangon Region Constituency No. 7 proposed the Hluttaw to approve the bill amending the Constitutional Tribunal Law, and U Tun Myint,
member of Hluttaw Rights Committee seconded the proposal.

The Hluttaw Speaker sought approval of the bill by the Hluttaw. As no MP raised objection, the bill was passed as approved by the Bill Committee.

U Saw Tun Mya Aung of Kayin State Constituency No. 5 put forward a proposal urging the Union government to make preparation in cooperation with teams made of local national people for ensuring accuracy in issuing citizenship scrutiny cards and household registration certificates and no misspelling of the names of tribesmen and tribeswomen. Ten MPs discussed his proposal. Deputy Minister for Immigration and Population U Win Myint said plans have been laid to help surveyors cooperate with local tribesmen in taking national census in 2014 for correctness of the name of tribesmen. The majority of the Hluttaw voted in favour of the proposal and the session came to an end in the noon.-MNA

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