Jimly and the contractors (Indonesia)

Former Mahkamah Konstitusi Chief Justice Jimly Asshidiqie likes to cite the construction of the new Mahkamah Konstitusi building as typical of his stand against corruption. Jimly claims that he told contractors not to pay out bribes, which both reduced costs and improved the quality of construction. Having spent a good many hours in the Mahkamah Konstitusi building this past summer, particularly the library, I have to say I came away impressed with its facilities.

As such, graft suspect and former Democrat Party Treasurer M. Nazaruddin’s allegations that graft occurred during the construction of the Mahkamah Konstitusi really struck home. As reported in The Jakarta Post, Jimly struck back hard and fast:

“All stages in the construction project, from its planning to execution, had been certified as exemplary project,” Jimly said.

The article makes no mention of how much graft was allegedly involved. Still, given Nazaruddin’s history, there’s no reason to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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