Is the Philippines impeachment roadshow almost done?

We know the Senate is expected to vote on the impeachment of Chief Justice Corona fairly soon. Moreover, some lawmakers are now claiming that Corona’s omission of assets in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth constitutes a per se impeachable offense. The most definitive statements seem to be coming from the House, so they’re not necessarily dispositive of the views of them majority of senators. Nonetheless, the trial thus far hasn’t given Corona’s defenders much to work with.

Perhaps more importantly it seems Filipinos themselves are finding their own conclusions about the trial. According to a recent survey, 58% will accept any Senate decision regarding the outcome of the case. Around half of respondents viewed the chief justice as guilty, while 43% remain uncertain. Based on Manila’s distaste for Arroyo, I suspect Manila residents are more likely than not to consider Corona guilty, so if he is convicted we probably won’t see any attempts to launch a People’s Power movement against the administration. However, if Corona is acquitted, I wouldn’t be surprised if Philippine politics gets a bit more contentious.

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