Updates from the Region

I’m still recovering from the Christmas break and trying to get catch up on the news. Here are a few important items:


According to The Jakarta Post, the Constitutional Court ruled that former political party members could not hold a seat in any election-organizing body, such as the General Elections Commission (KPU) or the General Elections Monitoring Body (Bawaslu), within 5 years of their retirement. The ruling was justified as preserving the impartiality and independence of those bodies.


There’s been more maneuvering in the impeachment of Chief Justice Corona. The Supreme Court is set to decide whether to issue a temporary restraining order against the Senate to prevent the impeachment from proceeding to a formal trial. Even more interesting, according to PhilStar, the case has been assigned to Justice Carpio, widely seen as Corona’s most likely replacement. Stay tuned for what looks like high legal drama.

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