Constitutional Tribunal hears a case!

Myanmar’s Constitutional Tribunal finally accepted a case yesterday. It appears this is only the second case it has heard, although I know almost nothing about the first case, which was accepted back on July 2. The second case deals with the minister for national races affairs. The case was brought by the Amyotha Hluttaw speaker. Unfortunately, beyond that The New Light of Myanmar gives few details. Hopefully NLM will also announce the outcomes of these cases.

Constitutional Tribunal hears case

NAY PYI TAW, 28 Nov-The tribunal comprising chairman of Constitutional Tribunal and members heard the case No. 2/2011 opened by 23 persons including Amyotha Hluttaw Representative Dr Aye Maung to scrutinize and decide whether or not the provisions for set rank of national races affairs minister prescribed in Cash Award, Expenses and Insignia of Region or State Level Persons Law are in conformity with the provisions of the constitutional laws, at room No. 1 this morning. The case was brought before the tribunal through the Amyotha Hluttaw Speaker in accord with Section 15 (d) of constitutional tribunal law.-MNA

State Constitutional Tribunal hears submission No. 1/2011

NAY PYI TAW, 1 July-The State Constitutional Tribunal comprising the Chairman of the State Constitutional Tribunal and members heard the submission No. 1/2011 in accord with the Article 13 of the State Constitutional Tribunal at Office No. 1 at 10.30 am today.

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