New Philippine SC justice

Yesterday, President Aquino appointed Court of Appeals Justice Estella Perlas Bernabe to the Philippine Supreme Court (for more on her background, see this PhilStar article). Aquino’s already appointed three justices, but he’s not yet at the point of changing the Court’s ideological composition. One of the retirees, Carpio-Morales (now the Ombudsman), was a strong opponent of the Arroyo administration and the lone dissenter in de Castro v. JBC. The other was Eduardo Antonio Nachura, who was seen as supporting of Arroyo. All 12 of the other justices were appointed by Arroyo, although some like Carpio have been known to rule against her. Also, few of the other justices will reach the official retirement age of 70 before Aquino’s term ends in 2016.

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