Updates from the region

First of all, I apologize for posting less frequently and with less analysis. Grad school is keeping me busy. I’m also working on some interesting articles, which I’ll certainly share when they’re ready.

There were two interesting bits of news from the region today:

Burma: In a recent speech, Aung San Suu Kyi encouraged Burma’s youth to criticize corruption and arbitrariness in Burma’s judicial system. Interestingly, when Irrawaddy magazine solicited for suggestions for Suu Kyi, I told her she should focus on the judicial system. Maybe she listed to me!

Indonesia: The Judges Ethics Council ruled that Constitutional Court Judge Arsyad Sanusi must step down after family members received bribes from a litigant in a case before the court. While he complied, the affair is a sad mark on the court, one of the few bright spots in Indonesia’s judicial system.

Thailand: Thai activist Da Torpedo won an appeal against a lese majeste conviction. This is one of the few times a defendant has won in such a case. However, it’s unclear whether the Constitutional Court will uphold the acquittal.

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