Updates on the Khmer Rouge Tribunal

There’s an article in Asia Times about the current situation of the Khmer Rouge Tribunals. Of particular interest is this description of the KRT’s next steps:

Because the suspects will strongly contest the proceedings and the documentary evidence linking them to atrocities committed by low-level cadres is fragmented, their prosecution is expected to be significantly more difficult than that of Duch, who essentially pleaded guilty after leaving a voluminous paper trail from his time as a prison administrator. 

“Case 002 is the most political, the most important, and the most difficult,” said Youk Chhang, director of the Documentation Centre of Cambodia, which helped to compile much of the evidence used by the court. Chhang called the second case “a test of trust between the UN and the government in seeking justice for the Cambodian survivors”. 

It’d definitely worth reading in its entirety.

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