Aquino and Corona win

Just a few updates on the Philippines. First of all, Aquino won a (by Filipino standards) resounding majority in the election for president. As you recall, Aquino has made some interesting pledges regarding judicial reform and impeaching Supreme Court justices. It remains to be seen whether he will follow through.

On another note, Justice Corona was selected as the new Chief Justice. Not a huge surprise. Corona is widely seen as an Arroyo ally, more so than other Arroyo appointees. However, the administration’s endorsement seemed a bit lukewarm, almost as if he were simply the next justice in line:

“Considering that he has been nominated by the JBC, he happens to be the most senior. And nobody I think can question this announcement and his eventual appointment,” Raul Victorino, chief presidential legal counsel, said of Corona’s appointment at a Malacañang news briefing.

Certainly a contrast to Obama’s announcement that he would nominate Elena Kagan for the U.S. Supreme Court. I’ll talk more about Corona later when I write a book review about Shadow of Doubt. We’ll see if Aquino accepts or fights that appointment.

Oh, and Arroyo won’t be going away anytime soon. She won election as a congresswoman and is tipped to become speaker of the House.

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