Serious Doubts in the Shadows

There’s yet more controversy surrounding the new book about the Philippine Supreme Court, Shadow of Doubt. Here is an except of a report from the Philippine Inquirer:

A spokesman of the Supreme Court found “ridiculous” Newsbreak editor Marites Vitug’s claim that she has received death threats over her newly released book about the high court.

“I really find it funny there’s a death threat. Let’s not make it a big issue,” Court Administrator Midas Marquez told reporters when asked to comment on Vitug’s claim.

Asked why he found funny Vitug’s claim that she had recently received death threats, he replied: “Well, she’s ascribing that justices will make death threats. Don’t you think that’s ridiculous?”

“I hope it’s not a statement to generate sales for the book,” he continued, referring to Vitug’s book “Shadow of Doubt.”

Marquez said he has not yet read the book which assails Chief Justice Reynato Puno and some other justices.

He said Vitug could go to the police to file a report.

“I don’t know if these threats are genuine. I really find it ridiculous to take these allegations (in the book) so seriously as to threaten the author,” he said.

I haven’t received the book yet, but one Filipino human rights lawyer I know said it was biased and too harsh on Chief Justice Puno. I’ll have more when I read my copy.

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