Mayhem in Manila, Part II

The Philippine presidential candidates are weighing in on the midnight appointment of a new Chief Justice. Here are some more quotes:

Benigno Noynoy Aquino III, Senator and presidential candidate:

If it can be proven the decision was not done based on sound legal principles, that might be a ground for impeaching an impeachable officer [referring to the new Chief Justice]… The legislature has the power of impeachment if they feel there are grounds to impeach an impeachable constitutional body. That is open to any president.

Gilbert Teodoro, presidential candidate widely seen as the Arroyo administration’s standard-bearer:

If I were in her position, I would not make the appointment given the controversy surrounding the issue. I think despite the ruling given, prudence is in the order of the day because we’re talking about the credibility of the institution which is the Supreme Court. I will not even bother to give advice but prudence is the necessary thing.

Joseph Estrada, former president, current candidate:

If it’s according to the Constitution, what can we do?… Before whom should I take my oath? Before the incumbent chief justice, of course.

Of course, in theory, Estrada has the most grievances against Arroyo, who after all ousted him from the presidency back in 2001. Perhaps Arroyo’s subsequent pardon of Estrada diffused his opposition.

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