Burma’s Unjust Courts

Continuing with my theme of courts as persecutors, there’s another article from Irrawaddy about courts in Burma. Here are a few highlights:

Aung Thein, a prominent Rangoon lawyer, told The Irrawaddy on Tuesday, “There is no clear rule about counting days under arrest in Burma. Sometimes, Burma courts consider the custodial period as starting from the commencement of the trial…

Thein Oo, chairman of the [Burma Lawyer’s Council], told The Irrawaddy on Tuesday, “There is no doubt that the Burmese judicial system has deteriorated.

Fellow lawyer Aung Thein, said, “In fact, legal rights have suffered. The Burmese courts cannot control the prosecutors. The courts should obey and respect legal procedures. There must be checks and balances between the executive and judiciary.”

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