Introduction to Rule by Hukum

Welcome to “Rule by Hukum,” the first and only blog dedicated to covering constitutional law in Southeast Asia. I decided to start this blog when I realized that the comparative law field has almost entirely ignored Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is an important and dynamic region, with over 500 million people and 10 very distinct legal systems. The variety of legal systems ranges from:

– Indonesia’s vibrant democratic constitution;
– Thailand’s 18 constitutions since 1932;
– Malaysia’s federal constitution;
– Vietnam’s Communist constitution;
– Burma’s new “discipline-flourishing” constitution.
Clearly, this is an important region to study if we want to understand the development of constitutional law. With a J.D. from Georgetown Law and Masters in Southeast Asian Studies from Johns Hopkins, I thought I was well-placed to fill this gap.

I am currently a visiting fellow at the Governance Institute, a D.C. think-tank focused on U.S. judicial reform. On the side, I am researching Southeast Asian cases in U.S. courts. I’ll post interesting results from my research on this site as well.
Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or feedback. Enjoy!

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